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Room Mother Gifts

At my school every classroom has two Room Mothers. This year I moved from Kinder to First. My school has two classes per grade level, so I have half of my kinder’s with me this year, and with that, my Room Mom’s have been with me for two years. Last year, like most years, I like to get my Room Mothers a nice key chain, from some place like Coach, or Brighten. I would give the key chain, and maybe a small bag from 31, and in the card I would put, “You hold the Key to your students success.” But because I have had my Room Mom’s for two years, I would like to do something different, and creative. For part of my gift I decided I would make mason jar vases. Here is how I made them:

First I went to Hobby Lobby and bought mason jars, jute, ribbon, flowers, and buttons. At home I already had a glue gun and glue sticks. I was lucky because the day I went to Hobby Lobby their mason jars were 50% off so I bought a lot more than I needed, but I’m sure I’ll find plenty to make with them this summer!


After you have all your supplies it’s time to play.


First you clean the mason jar and dry it. Than I used the jute to wrap around the jar. I used the hot glue for the first few rows around to make sure that it was held in place and than I just pulled the jute tightly around and every few rows I hot glued it down to secure it.



Once you have the jute in place, it’s time to create! I choose to put the chevron print ribbon on, and the burlap flower. Than I put two different buttons in the center of the flower.


I am going to make 2 each, for both my Room Mom’s. Along with these vases filled with fresh flowers, I have ordered them each a bag from 31. I’m not sure what I will fill them with just yet, but I have 2 1/2 weeks to figure it out! I will share everything with you all!

I would love to hear what everyone does for their classroom Room Mothers.

Spring Break

This past week of Spring Break has been so much fun.  I went down to Temecula, Shopping and apple pie eating in Julian. image
And Old Town Front Street is always fun! I enjoyed swinging in the hammock while reading a great book.image
All while completly disconnecting and recharging myself to finish out the school year.   This past week of spring break has really given me the time to just really relax and think about how I am as a teacher, how I’m teaching, what has been working, what has not and what do I want to change.  This year has been an amazing ride, and this wave is getting ready to break on the shore, so that it can start all over again!

Being Sick is No Fun

Being home sick from school is just no fun. Going on my third day away from school with Bronchitis with Report Cards being due at the end of this week, what’s a teacher to do? In between resting I’m getting up and trying my best to work on Report Cards. I have never been out so many days in a row, and I’m really missing my students. I hope that they are doing well, learning a lot and behaving for the many subs that have been in my classroom in such a short amount of time.

While I should be resting I find myself on sites like teachers pay teachers and pinterest looking for new ideas to share with my students. I feel like being sick, there’s just no time to be sick. We only have 10 months to make a difference in our students lives. 10 months is just so short. So even though I might not be in the classroom these past few days, I can’t help but think about my students, what I want to teach them, how can I engage them more, can I bring more technology into the classroom?

Does a teachers mind ever stop thinking of their students? Mine doesn’t, how about yours?