Being Sick is No Fun

Being home sick from school is just no fun. Going on my third day away from school with Bronchitis with Report Cards being due at the end of this week, what’s a teacher to do? In between resting I’m getting up and trying my best to work on Report Cards. I have never been out so many days in a row, and I’m really missing my students. I hope that they are doing well, learning a lot and behaving for the many subs that have been in my classroom in such a short amount of time.

While I should be resting I find myself on sites like teachers pay teachers and pinterest looking for new ideas to share with my students. I feel like being sick, there’s just no time to be sick. We only have 10 months to make a difference in our students lives. 10 months is just so short. So even though I might not be in the classroom these past few days, I can’t help but think about my students, what I want to teach them, how can I engage them more, can I bring more technology into the classroom?

Does a teachers mind ever stop thinking of their students? Mine doesn’t, how about yours?

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