Winter Break 2016-2017



This is my last weekend of winter break, and I know that I am much luckier than most, in that I have 3 weeks…but to be honest, I love the 3 weeks, but I think it makes it harder to get up this coming Monday.  It’s just enough time for my body to get on a new schedule of staying up late, and sleeping in.

Not to mention all the TV shows that I have caught up on!

And my comfy, comfy pj’s!  Oh, how I am not looking forward to have to do my hair, put on makeup and real shoes!  My feet were starting to just feel good again.

I have been watching and following lots of teachers on social media and watching those who are so productive and getting so much done.  I envy you all.  I had so many plans to create, and oranganize over this break, I even had it written down in my planner!  Than I blinked my eyes, and winter break was coming to an end.  I learned a valuable lesson this break, maybe I didn’t do a lot of constructive work during my break, but I took care of myself, and recharged.  As teachers, I don’t think we really truly ever take breaks.  Our brains are always running, thinking about what we can create, or try that we’ve seen someone else do in their classroom.  Many of us forget to stop the clock, sit down, and take care of ourself.

For me…that is what I did this break.  I sat down, looked around and saw my world, took care of myself and my my health, recharged so that as I return to my classroom on Monday, I can be the best me my students deserve.


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