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Welcome to The Red School Desk Book Club Summer 2017!

Welcome to the The Red School Desk’s 2017 Summer Book Club! I hope that you have had fun reading Move Your Bus, by Ron Clark So far. As I have read the first section, I find that Ron writes with such ease which makes the reading of his book smooth, and I enjoy this. I love how he has broken down personality types into: The Runner, The Jogger, The Walker, The Rider, The Driver. It was interesting to read each section on the different personalities because certain co-workers would pop into my mind as I read each one. I imagine this happened to each of you as you read these sections as well.

I like to think that I am a Runner, but if I am honest, I think in my teaching career I started out as a Runner. Though,  at my my first job there were many Walkers, and Riders, who intern did not like my running and pushed me to doubt myself and almost to leave teaching. For a few years I became a Jogger doubting myself and actually giving up on myself as a teacher. The past two years I have been at a new school, and even though I’m still jogging, I think I have begun to Run a little, and my energy this summer has encouraged me in my own personal life to be a Runner again, with a nice side effect, rubbing off on my work life.

I found a quote from the book that I would like to share with you all:

Introduction page xvi

“The world moves at lightning speed these days, and we have to keep up as everything evolves around us: technology, culture, consumer preferences, the regulatory environment, societal values – even the climate.” – Ron Clark

I hope that you will share where you feel you are as a Runner, Jogger, Walker, Rider, or Driver. Along with what you think of the quote above. If you have any questions or quotes to share, please do!

I hope through this book club we can encourage each other, each become better teachers, and to strive to be the Runner we all want to be.

I’m excited to read and share your comments! Let the fun begin!!


Welcome to The Red School Desk Book Club Summer 2017!

This summer we will be reading the book:

We will spend four weeks, reading and discussing Ron Clark’s, Move Your Bus.  I hope that you are all as excited as I am to begin this book, and maybe find out a little about myself and my co-workers!

We have divided the book into four sections, I will post my thoughts and questions on this page Monday of each week.  I will leave the post up all week for everyone to participate in the discussion.  Leave your comments and any questions, and thoughts below.

Here are the sections and the Monday’s I will post the questions:

Section 1: Forward, Intro, Chapter 1-5.
Monday, July 10th

Section 2: Chapter 6-13
Monday, July 17th

Section 3: Chapter 14-22
Monday, July 24th

Section 4: Chapter 23-30, Epilogue
Monday, July 31st.

This should be fun!  Happy Reading Everyone!!!

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