Life As A Temp Teacher

Life of a Temp Teacher is not the same as a Permanent Teacher.  Our summers are not the same either.  Life for me as a temp means that every end of the school year, means not just packing up my classroom and putting it into cabinets so that the classroom can be cleaned during the summer, but rather packing up my classroom and bringing everything home.  Which for me, like many of you, is just about everything in my classroom, from books to the baskets they go in and the shelves the baskets go on.  My garage is no longer car friendly for the next few months.  With the hope and luck that I am offered a contract for the following school year.

I thought this was my year of not worrying.  I thought, my principal likes me, our numbers seem good,  I may not be offered a contract until end of summer, but I’m sure my principal will let me know the job is mine, we just have to wait for district to give the Okay.   But, not this year.  Yes, my principal likes me, and yes, my principal wants me back, but this year, the numbers are a little lower, and a teacher who was on leave is coming back.  My principal is still hoping that I can come back, but hope and an offer are two different things.

So I hit the pavement, or rather the internet, in search of a job again for next year.  The life of a temp, is not fun during the summer.  Yes, we need the break, but at the same time, we work all summer looking for a new job.  So as much as I want to relax, I worry, will I have a job next year.

While teachers are online sharing all the things they are working on and getting reading to make the start of their new school year more easy, a temp teacher does not know what grade, what school, what district, nor what city they may hopefully have a job in for the next year.

So I ask all of you Permanent Teachers, if you know a Temp Teacher, please reach out to them, reassure them that they will be fine.  I know my time will come.  I understand that teachers before me have gone through this.  It’s just as I enter into my 9th year of teaching, I would hope that I would begin to have a sense of security in the job, I feel called to do.

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