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The Pencil Grip 3 Step Training Kit

This school year I taught Third Grade, and usually by Third Grade most of our students are holding the writing utensils the way that we as teachers would hope.  But every now and again we come across a student who is struggling to write, and their hand is always hurting.  We sit with them and ask them to write something for us, as we watch them write we see the problem right away.  They are holding their pencil incorrectly.

Most of the time as I watch my students write, if they are comfortable, their writing is nice, and their hand doesn´t hurt, I´m OK with how they hold their pencil.  But when we have that student who is struggling, I look to The Pencil Grip company to help my students.  Their 3 step training kit is wonderful.

I had such a student this year in Third Grade.


She was writing slower, and complained a lot about her hand hurting.  In Third Grade there is so much writing, and students struggling because they are not holding their pencil correctly, can become overwhelmed with the work.  As a teacher we know that the muscles needed in our hands for fine motor skills are developed during K-1/2.  This student I was working with had not fully developed those muscles.  I began using the Pencil Grip 3 Step Training Kit with her.  Within three weeks her writing was so much neater.  She was writing more and faster, and was on her way really strengthening her hand muscles.  All but just holding her pencil correctly.

The hardest part for her was keeping her hands on the grip because she had trained them to hold writing utensil so differently.  But, she found that her hand hurt less and that she liked the way the pencil grip felt when she wrote.




In three weeks my students hand hurt less, and she was writing so much more.  I highly recommend this kit for all teachers.  I know that I am going to order more and have several on hand for future use with students.


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Good Luck everyone, and Happy Writing!!

image  Erin