End Of The Year Crazy!!

To be blue or to be red, that is the question…

Hi Teachers!  I know where all going through the same thing right now with the end of the school year coming up fast.  Some of us might have one or two weeks left and for others a little more like five or six weeks.  I have five weeks until the end of the year, but with that said, really only 24 days!   Twenty-four days is not enough time!!

In those 24 days I have to complete not only my classroom assessments, but the district assessments, Mother’s Day gifts, Open House, oh, and the best for last!  Pack-up my entire classroom.  And, not into the cabinets, our district is doing maintenance this summer on all the schools so, on our last work day, we need to have ALL our personal things out of the classroom by 3pm.  Can I just ask, are you all like me and most of the things in your classroom, including furniture belongs to you personally, right?

I have unfinished projects everywhere , boxes for packing, and instead of working on either of those, I choose to sit down and write this post.  One thing, I’ve learned about myself is that writing is a great way for me to get my anxiety of what happens or not happens in the classroom out.  I’m not perfect, and I am the first to admit it.

First things first, Mother’s Day is this weekend, and I have yet to finish anything for their projects.  We took pictures, and now I’m at a loss. I was going to have them make picture frames, but we now only have tomorrow, so that’s out the door.  As I write this post I’m also skimming through google looking for cute Mother’s Day Art.  Just found one…

How cute are these by Art To Remember.  Now I know what I am doing first thing in the morning.  I also have two writing projects that we need to finish.  One is our daily writing from Write From The Beginning program, which is our district writing.  I love it, it uses thinking maps.  We also have our Ocean Research Project, oh, my goodness, and I just remembered our class play!!!  Oh, my goodness, so much to do and so little time to do it! Such is the life of a teacher! High five me if you feel me!!

OK, so here is my plan for tomorrow, Mother’s Day painting, and finish one writing, math – working on subtraction, and science, our Ocean Research.  I can do this,  I need to say that louder… I – CAN – DO – THIS!!  And, I need to start packing up for 45 minutes every day after school, and taking a box or two…or…three home every night.  My goodness, before I can catch my breath it will be summer, and planning for next year!!

So, the answer to the question, to be blue or to be red?  Blue to me is moving slow, getting down because things are not perfect or the way you had planned.  Things are not getting done, and comparing yourself to others.  Where as Red is lighting a fire, getting your engines going, and finishing out this school year the best you can.  If we ask our student for them to always do their best, than we should do the same for our students.  So, to answer the question, to be blue or to be red?  RED, I am definitely  RED, I am lighting a fire under myself and pushing through, nothing can get me down, all be moving to fast for that!!

How is your end of the year crazy going?  Are you a blue or a red right now?

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