Project Based Learning continued

I have been looking for more resources on Project Based Learning and found a great page on Edutopia all about Project Based Learning. I hope you all check this link out! It gives a great definition of PBL and how it is not just the project but the journey of the project. That they should be rooted in a real world problem. An example of this for myself, would be when my students did the lesson of “If You Built A Car”. Their real life problem was how do you design a car? What do you want in your car? Where do I go to get what I need? And many more questions. At the bottom of the Edutopia page it leads you to a link of the book that the page is an excerpt written by, Heather Wolpert-Gawron, which is due to come out this June of 2015. I know this is a book I am putting on my summer reading list!

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